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Hi! I have been playing with Photoshop and computers since breaking my back 5 years ago. Before the back injury, I was a Shearer for 18 years and a Chef for 5 years. I grew up on a farm and know quite a bit about sheep and cattle. I miss the farm and the variety of jobs that type of environment offers. I, also, miss the social life of a Shearer. Now, my life has swiveled 360 Degrees and have found computers to be a godsend. I have just completed my first year in Graphic Design with a distinction, and am signed up for another 2 year advanced diploma... Many friends have served as an inspiration during the healing process and, in fact, have motivated me to continue learning computer technology as well as other technical disciplines including Graphics, Animation, Photography and Audio Production. I would like to help others with their computer and/or graphics problems-please ask. I love to give advice or offer other solutions to your problem-resolution.Feel free to comment and follow me through this site. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Obama Manipulations..

I did this for a contest on Freakingnews.com..It was when Obama got in..King would be proud!!!
Obama has been the centre of alot of drawings on FN, so i did my share too...
Use the force Obama....Question is which one..Marines, Air force or Army??????
Obama's mirror..Thought i'd keep the Star Wars theme happening..lol
I thought the oil spill was a big thing, havent heard much about it lately...Lots more going on to cover it up!!!
A panorama of a pic at The War Memorial in Canberra, our Capital...
A thing i did for a news contest...Arnie was getting ready to stop Mexicans from coming into America..
Well i hope you like my latest blog...Feel free to follow and comment on my work..
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